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Tressa Azarel Smallwood Speaks at

Black Writers Weekend Access to Hollywood Panel & Pitch Session

One word that has been prevalent in this day and time is representation. We have seen the way African American men and women have been portrayed in the news, movies, and books. It is up to all African Americans to do our part and represent the culture for the all goodness that it is. Black Writers Weekend is one event that opens the eyes of many as to what we as a people can accomplish. Black Writers Weekend was created by Tamika Newhouse as a way for creatives and culture lovers to showcase their talents and inspire each other. This event is one of the largest gatherings for Black Talent and will be coming to you virtually this year. Many of the events and panels that are scheduled to take place will show you the importance of representation of the Black Culture. One panel specifically is the Access to Hollywood Panel & Pitch Session. This session will be filled with valuable discussions about getting access to Hollywood, which will allow creatives to learn what is needed for their own strategic plan to access Hollywood.

One of the panelist is Tressa Azarel Smallwood. Tressa Azarel Smallwood is the epitome of what is possible with hard work and dedication. Her first novel “A Life to Remember”, was completed in 2003. Tressa has grown her empire and wears many titles including, author, publisher, business consultant and film producer. To emphasize on her many titles, not only is Tressa a publisher, she is the CEO at Life Changing Books publishing company and the founder of Tressa Azareal VIP Club. An organization that not only motivates female entrepreneurship, but promotes it as well with networking opportunities. More recently she has been adapting books to film. Her company MegaMind Media LLC, which she is the founder and CEO of, specializes in book to film adaptations, original television series, and programing.

In another amazing feat, Tressa has teamed up with Bet Network for a new BET Her. There will be four female centric original short films, and these four films will be on BET Her “Her Stories”. The Her Stories platform is to empower the next generation of Black women filmmakers.

Having access to Hollywood is one of the gateways to putting our stories out to the world. Control of our narrative heavily affects how the world and how we as a people see ourselves. Everyone that can write must do their part to make sure we are represented properly in our stories, movies, and stage plays. “Until the Lion learns how to write every story will glorify the hunter.” -African Proverbs

We have the power and skill set to tell our stories. With all the expertise that Tressa has in writing, publishing, and film, she is definitely representing the culture well in getting our stories out to the masses. There are many writers that dream of having their work reach Hollywood, so now is the time to make sure you are at Black Writers Weekend for the panel discussion. Be sure to get your tickets to hear Tressa along with some of the other great panelist that will be on the Access to Hollywood Panel & Pitch Session. Having this event virtually is going to give people the opportunity to attend that normally couldn’t travel. Take advantage of this opportunity and get your TICKET.

Get your tickets today at There is a detail schedule of all that Black Writers Weekend has to offer at the link above.

To keep up to date with Tressa Azarel you can find her on Instagram at

Written by Alkevia Curry

This was a great event and opportunity to write this article.


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