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Updated: Jun 6

Writing schedules are determined by various things. We all have different lives that require different responsibilities. One thing we must remember is that writing each day can add up as long as we are being productive and intentional. Below are a few tips to help with scheduling.

1. Choose your writing location with consideration of how easy it is to get to that location.

The easier it is to get to that location it increases your chances of actually going there and


2. Know what time of day you are most creative. If your creative time is in the morning then you

you may have to get up earlier than everyone in your house to get some writing completed. For the late night creative your writing time could take place once everyone is asleep.

3. A writer that knows their "why" will have help with accountability for their writing schedule. Your "why" will keep you motivated. Your writing can be a hobby or legacy and what ever it is for you will determine how often you work on it.

At this time the world is still social distancing and it is having different effects on people. Some have a house full with family because schools are closed along with non-essential jobs. Some homes are more quiet because there isn't as many people living there. Many people are so tired that creativity is the last thing on their mind. We are all different and we handle things differently. Therefore you have to consider what works best for you and your home. Maybe your best writing location at his time is your front porch early in the morning two days a week.

I want to encourage everyone to find as much balance in their life as possible. You could come out of this social distancing era with a completed book,outline, or a newly branded blog.

Consider everything that is going on, and what you want to come out of this social distancing era with, The tips for your writing schedule will apply after social distancing as well. Do what is best for you and your family, and let your writing come from the best version of yourself you have to offer.

There is a Creative Tips and Writing Prompts download available for you. The creative tips will give you actual steps to increase your creativity. The writing prompts will give you the opportunity to write and use the creativity tips that are discussed. The writing prompts can possibly spark your interest in other genres that you may want to write in.. Click the link and get your copy today. Creative Tips and Writing Prompts


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