The Why Behind Why I Write

Updated: Feb 20

I have always loved writing because it was a great way to express myself. Writing poetry and short stories as a child was something I enjoyed doing. From childhood to teenage years I loved writing in my Lisa Frank unicorn journal.Once I got into high school I didn't write as much however when I did it was still something I enjoyed doing.

College, working and living life occupied my time in my early twenties.. Then in my late twenties I started back writing. I thought about how something I loved doing as a kid was something I still enjoyed as an adult. Writing in my journal was refreshing and writing poetry that I had no plans of showing anyone else was relaxing.

Once I got into my thirties I felt the desire to share my writing with the world. There were so many spiral notebooks and journals filled with my writing that I wanted to share. I publish my first book title " Fasting Preparation" on Amazon and now you are reading my very first blog.

It amazes me how the love of writing never went away. There is so much creativity in writing.

Our words can motivate, educate, and entertain. I choose to use my written words for good.

I choose to leave an impact on people I may never meet. I choose to use what I love doing as a way to make my mark on the world. That is my why behind why I write.

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